1. What is the relationship of Kula Evolution to Anusara Yoga/Anusara Inc.?

Answer: We want to be clear that Kula Evolution is not affiliated with Anusara Inc. A different group of Anusara teachers has accepted John Friend’s offer to continue Anusara Yoga. Many of these teachers are friends of ours and we wish them well. By forming Kula Evolution we are pursuing a new path with a new organization that has grown from our experiences in this past time period. Phase One of our organization includes a simple network that any current or former Anusara teachers and supporting students are free to join. In Phase Two, we will be re-writing curriculum and teacher training materials. We will keep you updated as work on these projects progresses.

2. Can I be a member of the Kula Evolution Network at the Associate level even though my application to be Anusara Inspired was not accepted yet?

Answer: We recently received several requests from teachers who currently have over 500 hours of Anusara study and many years of teaching, but whose applications had not yet been processed by Anusara Inc. and who wish to join us at this time. We were asked whether these teachers could be grandfathered in as Certified or Associate teachers if they had not yet received that status from Anusara Inc. At this time, we are happy to grandfather in to the Associate level all teachers who can submit documentation showing that their hours and experience reflect that level of training. We are currently in the process of devising a fair, efficient, affordable and empowering process by which members can proceed to certification. We realize some of you have been waiting some time and will be as expedient as possible. However, it will take some time for us to get there. In the meantime, these teachers can join the Network at the Associate level.

3. Why are some of the founding members of the Kula Evolution Network still listed as Certified Anusara teachers?

Answer: A few of us have kept our license in order to fulfill professional commitments to the students who want to accrue Anusara credit hours in previously scheduled programs that had started in 2012.




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