Class Guidelines

Kula Evolution Class Guidelines

We chose to call these Class Guidelines because we do not want to be dogmatic about how members of the Kula Evolution Network will teach their classes. At the same time, we are creating a unique method of teaching hatha yoga, so we thought it was important to identify what is a Kula Evolution Network class.

1. Welcome and Centering: Each class begins with an opportunity for everyone to turn inside and connect to their deepest essence and the power of yoga.

2. Philosophical Context: Asana is taught as an expression of the inherent potential and basic goodness of the human spirit.

3. Alignment: Clear alignment instructions support safe, effective asana and engender an ever-deepening practice.

4. Sequencing: The needs of each student in attendance are recognized and addressed by the pace and sequencing of the asana. Variations and modifications are offered as necessary.

5. Teaching Skills: Each class reflects the teacher’s training and skill with class preparation, observation, appropriate adjustments and artful use of language.

6. Community:  The class invites all participants into a culture of kindness, honesty and respect where community among students is fostered. Teaching yoga is seen and valued as a service.

7. Closing: Each class concludes with meditation and/or Savasana.

Our process:

We feel that the collaborative process that we follow to create something like the Guidelines is just as important as the result. The process used to create these guidelines was:

  1. The founding members wrote a first draft of guidelines.
  2. Then one member shared them with all 70 Network members and asked them for input, suggestions, or feedback. She listed all of the submitted feedback for the founding members to read and consider.
  3. Using that feedback, we created this second draft.

We want to emphasize that all the curriculum that we create and other decisions that we make about the direction of the Kula Evolution Network will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and that we will endeavor to refine, improve, and respond to feedback regularly.

To give feedback on the process or the guidelines, please send us an e-mail at or leave a comment on our website.


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