Dear Kula Evolution Community,

It’s with a heavy heart that we reach out to you today.  The five of us have decided to set aside our plans to build the Teacher training website.

As most of you know, we have been meeting every week since the summer of 2012 working on this project that had a number of different directions and intentions.  The one consistent intention was to build/be a source of high-quality yoga information.

We came very close.  We had settled on creating an online teacher-training manual written by a faculty of writers.  We even had an incredible meeting with the writers.

In fact, the whole process from start to finish has been wonderful for the five of us.  Beyond becoming close friends, we have all learned so much from each other about yoga and about working in community in a post-Anusara world.

Unfortunately, the obstacle we weren’t able to overcome was the business side of the process.  Basically, we had “kicked the can down the road,” on how we would organize both the revenue from eventual subscribers and the distribution of payments to the writers.

In short, once we got to the place where a corporation (bank account, accountants et al) needed to be established, the five of us very reluctantly decided that the task was too daunting.

The reality is that this project ultimately needed someone (or a group of people) ready to give a full-time commitment.  And even though each of us never lost our excitement for the idea, that kind of commitment was simply too much.

We want to thank you for all of your support along the way.  We know that each of you who kept interest in what we were doing shared the vision that yoga in community is a wonderful thing.

We stay open to other possibilities of working together and in some way staying connected with each of you.  And our sincere hope is that this experience contributes in some way to the collective wisdom we all share on this path of yoga.

Blessings, The Kula Evolution Group