Most of you receiving this letter have been associated with Anusara yoga in some way. Obviously our community has undergone profound shifts. When the Leadership Committee finished its work in June, a few of us began talking about what might come next. We focused our attention and contemplation on the parts of the Anusara experience that worked, and those elements that needed to change.  We wanted to maintain the highest standards of professional integrity, communication, curriculum development and teaching practices.

We now want to open the conversation up to the larger community of current and former Anusara yoga teachers, and share our vision for the future. We have redesigned the Kula Evolution website to serve as an evolving interactive hub for connecting to each other across the globe, and for listing teachers’ contact information and events.

We invite any to join us who:
a.    Practice asana as an expression of the inherent potential of the human spirit.
b.    Share a common vision of teaching as service.
c.    Seek to uphold the values of human dignity, kindness and respect on and off the mat.

Our mission will unfold in two phases. The first one is called the Kula Evolution Network. We hope to have this first phase in place by late 2012. The updated website will serve as a registry of network member teachers.

Who can join the Kula Evolution Network?

• All former and current Certified and Inspired teachers will be grandfathered into the Network at the level they had previously attained:
Formerly Anusara Inspired teachers will be called Associate Network Teachers
Formerly Anusara Certified teachers will be called Certified Network Teachers
Students will be welcomed as supporting members.

Our mission in Phase Two is to:

• Articulate an evolved method based on non-dual Tantra philosophy and biomechanical principles of alignment.
• Create a clear path to certification at the 200 hour and 500 hour levels, with all related curriculum and training materials.

Trainings will feature a wide range of educational offerings, with topics including anatomy and therapeutics, Ayurveda, pre-natal yoga, teaching kids, teaching seniors, and more.  We look forward to including input from member teachers and related professionals as the curriculum takes shape. The curriculum will be reviewed and revised annually by a Curriculum Committee, and community members will be invited to submit feedback about the efficacy of curriculum in the classroom.

We envision a fair, efficient, affordable, multi-level certification process that is clear and empowering to the person pursuing certification. We will establish objective criteria so that competence is elevated over style, and the process can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. For those that were in process at either level, all hours accumulated to date will be honored regardless of the status of the training teacher.

• Register with the Yoga Alliance as an international school with each member teacher as an affiliate location
• Form committees such as communications and community service to ensure a healthy, responsive organization.
• Remain open to many more yet unknown ideas that are sure to evolve from the vast reservoir of talent and wisdom in our global community.

We realize that this vision of a new school will take time, especially since it is a collaborative effort. We intend for this new organization to be highly responsive to the voices in the community, while maintaining high standards of teaching.  We hope to avoid divisive or dogmatic tendencies, and to foster equality and authentic individuality among teachers.  One of the main ways we hope to accomplish these goals is to provide clear and effective channels of communication among members, with opportunities for teachers and students to have input on the direction and shaping of the network and shared curricula.

We have begun work on establishing very general guidelines for network registered classes so that our collective unity reflects common values.  These guidelines will insure that a student can predict a level of quality when they attend a class, yet the guidelines will not limit the teachers’ individual creative freedom and personal expression. We have also begun revamping curriculum for Immersions, 200 hour and 500 hour teacher training programs.

How will the Network be administered and funded?

We will serve as the initial core volunteer leadership team. We will solicit the community for interest in serving on the various committees and will appoint the first set of committee chairs, who will then select the committee members. Each committee will be responsive to input from the wider community through clearly delineated channels of communication. A clear code of ethics and grievance procedure will be established.

Membership is free for the remainder of 2012. In 2013 we will establish a fee structure to help cover administrative costs.

If you would like to become a member of the network and be listed on the website, please download the application from this link, fill it out, and send it to If you are not a teacher but would like to join as a supporting member, please feel totally welcome to do so.

We are also looking for volunteers to work a few hours a week.  If you would like to be involved, please write to and let us know your skills and interests.

We look forward to the unlimited evolutionary possibilities that emerge when inspired individuals join collectively to forge a new path.

Thank you.

Jayendra Hanley
Darcy Lyon
Deb Neubauer
Ross Rayburn
Ellen Saltonstall
Kathy Simonik